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Category : News ยท by November 16, 2010

Lots and lots of things. That’s what we have been up to. A couple of examples:

– We were heavily involved in the incredible Love Music Festival Scotland which recently ended with a blow-out concert day in Inverness. This festival was a totally groundbreaking approach to bringing world class music, musicians, educators, and technology into schools around Scotland for a highly focused series of workshops, together with curriculum resources, and culminating in a series of concerts in seven venues from Shetland to Peebles. Lucky Frame was brought in it to look after all of the musical software and technology side of it. Yann ran workshops about sound recording and production, Yann and Jon worked together to build original software for the festival, and Yann even got to go on tour and create interactive musical installations and activities for each venue. You can find out a lot more about all of this on Yann’s Love Music Festival blog.

– We’ve also created two iPhone apps for Belgian digital agency Happiness Brussels. The first, Stretching With Elodie shows you how to prepare for a run by stretching with famed sprinter Elodie Ouedraogo. The second, Slow Down, makes you more aware of your current driving speed by slowing down your music if you go too fast. Both apps are available on the app store for free now.

– Going back even further, we had a lot of fun creating a custom Wiimote sound installation controller for Klankmaat over the summer.

– Jon somehow managed to find the time to build and release his very own iPhone app, wiresq. It’s the app store’s first Turing complete sequencer, and it’s totally brilliant.

All of this work has meant that we now have a few more people on board! It’s been a great pleasure to be working with Johnnie Walker and Christopher Ross on some of these projects, and we’re looking forward to more of that.

Phew. Back to work.

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