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Publicity! oh, and we are hiring…

Category : Lucky Frame ยท by June 16, 2011

Hello new readers from the always-excellent Scottish Games blog, where a post all about us went up this morning.

Thanks to Brian for the kind words and publicity! One other thing to add – we are currently looking to expand our team…we are specifically looking for an artist/designer/gamedesigner/production-artist/etc type. The ideal person would be able to do pretty much everything that is vaguely visual, as well as contribute to game design and have as much technical knowledge as possible. We are a very small team, and everyone has to do a bit of everything. Right now we’re working on a series of music games, an interactive web interface, a crazy video project (shhhh….), and an iPhone hurdy gurdy simulator, and those are just the projects that we’ve actually started on. So, you should be excited about working on fifteen things at once. If that sounds like your kinda thing, send us an email at

Otherwise we’d basically love to hear from anyone else who likes our crazy artistic do-everything approach. We will not be able to hire everyone we want to hire right now, but it’s always good to connect for future collaborations and so on.

Thanks again to Brian! If anyone has any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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