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Help needed! Dogs in hats!

Category : News · by December 7, 2011

Hello folks.

We are getting very close indeed to announcing our exciting new game.

However, there is one more thing we want to do before we tell the world all about it – we are going to make a video.

Not just any video, but a ridiculous hilarious wonderful video. Dogs wearing hats. Live musicians. A set made of cardboard. NEED WE SAY MORE?!

Well, yes, we do, because we need some help. We are looking for a few volunteers to help us out this Saturday the 10th of December in Dundee. We need a few hands on deck to help capture some footage, maybe take photos, organize the pugs, play the game for us on screen, and generally be awesome.

I should also add that if you have a small dog, such as a pug, please bring it along to star in the video. And maybe wear a hat.

If you would like to come by, in return we can offer a sneak peek and free copy of the game, free coffee and food, and when the video comes out you’ll be able to say “Hey! Guys! Come and see this! I helped with this! That’s the back of my head!”

If this floats your boat and you’re free in Dundee this Saturday, please drop us a line at

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13 years ago · Reply

Hey, Where and when will this be taking place?

    13 years ago · Reply


    It will be happening at Fleet Collective in Dundee, next to the McManus Galleries, from around 9-4 on Saturday 10 December. Let me know if you’d like to come by!

13 years ago · Reply

might do, my dogs massive tho, so we shall see, thanks

13 years ago · Reply

Hey, I’m in town during the date and would love to help out!

13 years ago · Reply

Hey, It would be awesome to have the chance to help out! Do you still need help?

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