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Pug Synth, out now for free!

Category : Lucky Frame, Pug Synth, Pugs Luv Beats · by February 9, 2012

Today we released Pug Synth on the iTunes App Store. It’s free! Go download it now!. Here’s a video to watch while you download:

There, did you download it? Good. It’s loads of fun. As you can see, it’s a super hilarious synthesizer and drum machine featuring the same pugs from Pugs Luv Beats. You dress them up in hats and costumes to change the sounds. And it’s free! What more do you want from an iPhone/iPad app?!

It’s already gotten a great review from, who called us “Wacky Scottish Developers“, which is certainly a description we will wear with pride. The review is lovely:

With its newly-released Pug Synth, Lucky Frame’s animated pugs are quickly cementing themselves as the most musical virtual dog breed on iOS… Like its predecessor, Pug Synth sounds surprisingly good for a cutesy, animated iPhone game starring costumed dogs. It expands on one of my favorite features from the original Pugs Luv Beats: a touch synthesizer that lets you solo over the planet menu in that game, while rifling through compositions… With this simple app, Lucky Frame expands on what it did best in Pugs Luv Beats: repackaging an intuitive synthesizer in an unintimidating, charming, user-friendly interface.

Awwww, that makes our little pug tails wag. Enjoy the Pug Synth and spread the word!

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