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Bad Hotel on Steam + iPhone 5 Update

Category : Bad Hotel, Lucky Frame ยท by October 16, 2013


We are very pleased to launch Bad Hotel on Steam today at 5pm UK time. Go buy it on the Steam Store!

The Steam version is for Windows and Mac. For $5 you can get the critically acclaimed tower defense music game for your glorious big wide screen.

As a quick reminder, here’s what some important people said about Bad Hotel:

“…to understand how excellent Bad Hotel is, you need to play it. And you need to hear it…I like Bad Hotel so much I’d buy it for you. Get it. It’s wonderful.” – Kotaku

“Bad Hotel is, in short, the stuff of wonderful nightmares: an eerie soundtrack, a menacing palette and an all-pervading sense of inescapable doom. Yet it’s also one of the most original and atmospheric tower-defense games we’ve played all year…” – Modojo

If you would prefer to buy it outwith Steam, you can buy it using the Humble Widget from the Bad Hotel website.

As an extra little bonus, today we are also releasing an update to the iPhone version which adds iPhone 5 screen resolution support. Because, you know, those phones have been around for like a year now and I guess they’re not going anywhere. Go update or buy the new version!

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