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Category : Lucky Frame, News ยท by July 15, 2011

Lucky Frame is very happy to announce a new member of the team! Sean McIlroy is just finishing up his second week of work here in the official LF headquarters, and he has settled right in.

Sean has extensive experience in many aspects of visual art and design, from working on animation for The Illusionist and Titeuf, to doing amazing crazy printmaking, game design, and strange artwork. He’s jumped right away into working on our Big Project, and as I write this is designing a mockup of an interactive musical Pig Sty for me (a story for another post…). We’re really excited to have someone on board who is equally excited about both of those things.

So a big welcome to Sean, we’re looking forward to being able to post some of the awesome work he’s been doing for us already. Expect some ridiculous cute hilariousness (hint: it involves pugs).

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