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"Don't give them the box--just take out a few," Mollie suggested, but Grace insisted, while her face clouded again. "Oh, is that all?" asked Mollie, in astonishment, adding, as Betty lifted her wrist watch for inspection: "Goodness, I thought we had been waiting ages." Ray Ban round Sunglasses "We want to send a telegram," she explained coldly. "We understood we could send one from here."

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Grace fitted the key in the lock and opened the door, but when she turned, expecting to find the girls at her back, she found that they had deserted her. 'The third, because they are stealers of four-footed beasts, who are condemned to death by the laws of Spain, in the wise code of the famous King Don Alonso; which enactment became a part of the common law. fake Ray Bans Mollie started to retort, but the threatened resumption of hostilities was cut short by the sound of a motor in the distance.

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They made their way rather slowly after the others. Before they had reached the foot of the bluff Mollie came scrambling down again and ran toward them wildly. Ray Ban glasses frames "N-no," sobbed Betty, raising eyes that were shining through her tears. "I just love them so--all those splendid boys that are so crazy to give their lives for their country, that my heart gets too full sometimes, that's all."