The Nightmare Cooperative

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Make friends, be a hero, earn money for the greater good.

(survival not guaranteed, life insurance policies are null and void upon signup, the Village Council assumes no responsibility for death from ice snails, yetis, golden guards, rabid dogs, or other dangers of which whose existence we can neither confirm nor deny)

Join the Cooperative now, your village needs you!

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We all know that times are hard.

Despite our best efforts, the Village Council is once again short on funds and it is time for us all to tighten our belts and make some hard decisions.

That's why we're asking YOU to join The Nightmare Cooperative to help raise funds to pay for the interest on the loans we had to take out to build the monuments to the previous Cooperative members.

The Nightmare Cooperative

You may have heard terrifying stories of the monsters you could encounter. While it's true that not many return from their fundraising journey, we have reason to believe that not everyone who fails to come back is technically dead. On the other hand, you'll probably just find them along the way. Perhaps you could form an uneasy alliance, bound together by fear and a desperate desire to return home with bags and bags of beautiful gold for the Village Council which takes such good care of your loved ones. It's just an idea.