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Introducing: Pugs Luv Beats!

Category : Pugs Luv Beats · by December 8, 2011

We here at Lucky Frame are very pleased to announce our latest project: Pugs Luv Beats!

Pugs Luv Beats is a groundbreaking music composition game for iPhone and iPad, available soon on the iTunes App Store. The innovative game design lets players guide adorable pugs around a galaxy of worlds, creating an endless variety of music.

Visit the Pugs Luv Beats website!

In the game, the player controls an alien breed of pugs. Once the masters of a wondrous and highly advanced civilization, these pugs are the victims of their own greed. They loved nothing more than to collect beats, which they cultivated with their special brand of “luv”. But an ill-advised scheme to grow the biggest beat of all time spun wildly out of control, and their home planet was destroyed. In Pugs Luv Beats, the player must help the pugs to grow more beats so they can rediscover new planets, build houses, and recover their lost technology.

Pugs Luv Beats will be released very soon on the App Store. We are extremely excited to get it out! As a little teaser, you can watch these two videos…the first tells the story of the Pugs and their catastrophic desire for beats, and the second shows the game in action.

If you would like more information about this game, please do not hesitate to get in touch, write us an email at Expect more updates very soon!

Pugs Luv Beats was supported by the wonderful people at Channel 4 and Creative Scotland, as the logos on the right suggest.

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