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Droopy Lasers!

Category : Lucky Frame · by May 30, 2011

This past weekend we joined forces with Alex from Haiku Interactive and went up to Dundee for a Game Jam. For the uninitiated, a game jam is when a bunch of people get together with the aim of making a fully working and playable game in some absurdly short timeframe, usually with some theme – in our case, the length was six hours and the theme was “Pew Pew Lasers”. There were a bunch of other supremely talented game makers there, and we had a brilliant time making Droopy Lasers, a 1v1 battle game where you use your voice to control a laser robot.
Check the video for a demo:

Thanks very much to the organizers and everyone involved, we hope to do more events like it! In fact, Jon was so excited that on the way home he initiated a one-person “Train Jam” where he made a playable game on the 75 minute train journey back to Edinburgh. EXTREME GAME DESIGN.

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[…] boys collaborated with Haiku Interactive’s Alex Waterston to create the fabulously named Droopy Lasers – a game which uses voice input to control a couple of robots firing, well, droopy lasers at […]

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