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This past weekend we got the chance to participate in Culture Hack Scotland, which was pretty great! In a nutshell, developers and designers were given loads of data from various organizations around Scotland, along with copious amounts of food and coffee, and had 24 hours to make something out of it all.
We here at Lucky Frame decided to take the footfall data provided by the Edinburgh City Council and use it to generate video and audio in real time. This is how it turned out:

The video represents one year of data. Each bass drum hit denotes one week has passed.
We used Processing for the visuals and Max/MSP and Ableton Live for the sound. All Processing and Max/MSP patches are available here:​culturehack/​
The Live session, if you’re interested, is available here:​culturehack/​

The processing sketch uses code from here:​lj4xu4​kAXJsc

For our efforts we won the “Most Beautiful” award! There were some really amazing people and projects there, though, I think everyone was a winner. Many thanks to the organizers and everyone involved, let’s do it again sometime!

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Congrats on the beautiful award and production though I have to admit I have trouble seeing how it is generated from the footfall data, I will take a look at the patches later.

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