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VOCABULARY OF THEIR LANGUAGE She gave Betty a wry little smile, and arm in arm they started down the hall to Amy's room. Ray Ban "I don't wonder you love it, Gracie dear," she said. "I do already. It's glorious."

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Unless within a fortnight's space Thy face, O maid, I see; Flamenca, of Egyptian race, My lady love shall be. prescription Ray Ban Sunglasses "Oh, what?" cried Grace, her face growing white while Amy clutched the back of a chair.

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Such was Gypsy law in England, and there is every probability that it is much the same in all parts of the world where the Gypsy race is to be found. About the peculiar practices of the Gypsies I need not say much here; the reader will find in the account of the Spanish Gypsies much that will afford him an idea of Gypsy arts in England. I have already alluded to CHIVING DRAV, or poisoning, which is still much practised by the English Gypsies, though it has almost entirely ceased in Spain; then there is CHIVING LUVVU ADREY PUVO, or putting money within the earth, a trick by which the females deceive the gorgios, and which will be more particularly described in the affairs of Spain: the men are adepts at cheating the gorgios by means of NOK-ENGROES and POGGADO-BAVENGROES (glandered and broken-winded horses). But, leaving the subject of their tricks and Rommany arts, by no means an agreeable one, I will take the present opportunity of saying a few words about a practice of theirs, highly characteristic of a wandering people, and which is only extant amongst those of the race who still continue to wander much; for example, the Russian Gypsies and those of the Hungarian family, who stroll through Italy on plundering expeditions: I allude to the PATTERAN or TRAIL. "No, he didn't," said Betty slowly. "But you know Allen. He wouldn't have said anything about it if the time hadn't been pretty close at hand." Ray Bans sale "Perhaps," replied Grace, eyes fixed moodily upon the flying landscape. "But when I think of Will--"