Lucky Frame

I think the Twine Jam was a success! Thanks to everyone for coming, I certainly had fun and I hope you did too.

Here are some of the games that were made on the day, in just three hours.

Claire Stewart – Quick Draw McGraw Some really clever use of Vine in this one, a great idea that could be applied in a number of interesting ways…

Emma Campbell – Delete This Tweet Oh my goodness this is just amazing.

Logan Garrett – Wizard Cave 9-year old Logan was the star of the show with this one. He clearly got the Twine bug, because the next morning he sent me another game he made, Wizard vs Monsters and a Wizard. Keep ’em coming Logan, well done!

Timea Tabori and Gregor Fergusson came up with a super novel approach, with their game “Two Sides to Every Story”. It is designed to be played by two players on two computers. At a certain point in the story the players are instructed to switch computers…very clever.
Timea Tabori and Gregor Fergusson – Two Sides to Every Story (side 1)

Tom Knights – Motel A wonderfully written and evocative piece – also be sure to check out the amazingly complex game Tom made for the Global Game Jam: El Presidente.

Download Twine here!
I would suggest downloading the most recent version, 2.0.4.
If you are using an iPad or don’t want to download it, you can use the online version.

The Twine 2 Guide is your friend!
Use it for everything.

Basic things
A passage is like a single page. Passages can contain text, images, videos, or anything else that you find on websites. The name of the passage is what you use to make links. The links are case sensitive, so be careful of your capitalisations.

To create a link from one passage to another, use double square brackets:
[[Name of passage you are linking to]]
You can also have the displayed text be different from the passage name:
[[Displayed Text->Name of passage you are linking to]]

Changing the look of your story
To change how the story looks you use CSS. If you’ve never done this before, I’d suggest not bothering or finding someone who knows how to do it, because you only have a few hours!
To edit the CSS, click on the name of your story in the editor in the lower left hand corner, and select “Edit story stylesheet”.

Adding randomisation
To select one piece of text from a series of possible choices, use (either:), with all of your options in quotes separated by commas. For example:
(either:”Many”, “Some”, “All of”, “None of”, ” “)
The two quotations with an empty space will result in a blank space, which can be interesting!

Some cool Twine games
Sacrilege by Cara Ellison
Cat Petting Simulator 2014 by neongrey
Even Cowgirls Bleed by Christine Love
Queers in Love at the End of the World

Content to use
If you don’t have text already that you want to use, I’d strongly suggest that you use existing stuff!
Project Gutenberg has lots of copyright free material
(Moby Dick, Ulysses, Shakespeare Sonnets).

Presentations at 6pm!

Email your story to for him to share on this site. To export your story, click on the story name in the editor and select “Publish to File”. Email the resulting html file.
If you use twitter you can also use the very easy to share your game. DO IT.

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