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Mujik is an Essential App

Category : Mujik · by September 10, 2009

We here at Lucky Frame were very pleased to see Mujik on the official Gizmodo list of Essential iPhone Apps. How exciting! We are in very good company, alongside such app store luminaries as Skype, RjDj, Bloom, and, um, Run Pee.

In other news, we are busy busy busy. The version 1.1 update is coming along nicely, I’ll post some teasers here next week.

Mujik in full force

Category : Mujik · by August 24, 2009

We here at Lucky Frame got a great email from Mack Si, a Czech producer, musician, and sound guru based in Prague. His band “Je Chante” used Mujik as the basis for their latest track, entitled Hvězdička. It’s absolutely epic and awesome, have a listen!

Thanks to Mack for sending this in!

Mujik in the wild!

Category : Mujik · by August 9, 2009

We here at Lucky Frame are extremely proud to say that our latest project – Mujik for iPhone – is now available for download on the iTunes store!

So far the feedback has been overwhelmingly amazing. I’d like to thank all the well wishers and Twitterers and bloggers. One particularly lovely review came from Create Digital Music:

Musical technology is often designed to be “hard” in character. Interfaces are cold and technological-looking, futuristic like spaceships, or made to replicate antique gear to make guitarists feel nostalgic. Musical interfaces consciously avoid anything “childish” – calling something a “toy” being the worst possible insult – and they’re certainly never whimsical.

That’s why the real news about Mujik isn’t that it’s a new iPhone app, or that, after a few weeks of teasers, you can download it today on the iTunes store. (The app is free for a limited time.) The news is that it’s a musical interface with lightning bugs.
Interactive Musical Whimsy, with Lightning Bugs: Mujik Free on iPhone

You can access Mujik on the App Store right now by clicking this link, or by visiting the Official Mujik Website.

You can also download the press release pdf here.

Fingers crossed

Category : Mujik · by July 23, 2009

Hello and welcome to the brand new Lucky Frame website!

We’ve made this website to help support our latest creation – Mujik. Mujik is a very charming and fun music remixing application for the iPhone. You can watch a sneak peek video of it right here, right now:

We submitted the final build of version 1.0 to Apple for approval, so fingers crossed it should be available in the iTunes store in the next few weeks!

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