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Release date:
19 December 2011

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Once the masters of a wondrous and highly advanced civilization, the Pugs fell victim to their own greed... They loved nothing more than to collect Beats, and the Beats grew strong from their Luv. But an ill-advised scheme to grow the biggest Beat of the known Pugiverse spun wildly out of control and their home planet was destroyed! Now they depend on you to help them grow more Beats so they can discover new planets, build houses, and recover their lost technology. Help the poor Pugs - their fate is in your hands!


Pugs Luv Beats is a music composition game for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It is available on the App Store now. Focusing on musical creativity, Pugs Luv Beats offers a refreshing change from the standard karaoke-style music games currently on the market. Instead of forcing a player to accurately recreate an existing song, the game encourages exploration and musical composition – playing the game will create original music, different for every user. In the game, the player controls an alien breed of pugs. Once the masters of a wondrous and highly advanced civilization, these pugs are the victims of their own greed. They loved nothing more than to collect beats, which they cultivated with their special brand of “luv”. But an ill-advised scheme to grow the biggest beat of all time spun wildly out of control, and their home planet was destroyed. The player must help the pugs to grow more beats so they can rediscover new planets, build houses, and recover their lost technology.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "IGF Finalist, Excellence in Audio." San Francisco, March 2012

Selected Articles

  • "strangest game on iOS...I actually recommend it!"
    - Harrison Weber, The Next Web
  • "Pugs Luv Beats is a unique, adorable, and music-infused game...a mesmerizing experience."
    - Andrew Podolsky, Slide to Play
  • "may be 2011's most adorable - and best sounding game..."
    - Brian Baglow, Scottish Games
  • "some seriously addictive gameplay and adorable pugs..."
    - Peter Kirn, Create Digital Music

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Article on Gamasutra
An extended article by Yann about the ideas and development behind Pugs Luv Beats gamasutra.com.

About Lucky Frame

Lucky Frame is a BAFTA-winning creative studio based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We make games, instruments, performance systems, and interfaces, often focusing on creative and accessible approaches to music. Our projects range from award-winning games to interactive music installations for schools, art galleries, and venues around the world.

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Game Name Credits

Jonathan Brodsky
Game design, programming

Sean McIlroy
Artist, designer

Yann Seznec
Sound design

Tony Gowland
additional game design

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